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Build a bigger and better customer base with better data. When success relies on being first to the customer, Quick Contact is the partner to choose.

Drive your business to success!

The success of your business is dependant to the process you follow. Every part of the process is an ingredient to your businesses recipe. When it comes to sourcing your data, choose the experts.

We’ve Got You Covered

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Let us help you find the perfect target audience and gather the data you need to speak to them. Stop wasting your time on customers you do not need.

Productivity Boost

Is your sales team starting to feel stale? Fresh data gives a huge change in mindset alone, combine that with the quality you can expect from Quick Contact and you see a huge boost in productivity.


Are you able to clearly see what impact your campaigns are making? We are experts at breaking down your sales process to ensure you see the data you need to make great decisions. Let us help!



The Quick Contact Team have guided many businesses through to success. Let us work together to drive your business to the next step.

Pitch Creation

Need help with creating a new and exciting pitch to get customers excited for your product. We can offer you a workshop where we will develop an entirely new pitch from scratch unique to your business.

Exceed your target

Release the limitations setup for your business and finally get to the sales results your business deserves! Let us help you exceed the targets you have set and then break some new ones!

Easy ways to pay

We offer easy ways to pay for our services, whether you want to pay. We offer pay per lead or service and also a number of subscription services.

Mail Marketing

Our start up mail marketing system is industry leading. We have brought down the time for reaching new businesses from 30 days to less than one week. This really is ground breaking!

Learn from our experience

After building telesales companies over the years we have a plethora of tips, tricks and solutions we can share to ensure whatever stage of business you are at; whether at the start up phase or wanting to take that next step. Allow us to guide you through that next phase and give you the tools you need to do so!

Change of Tenancy Experts

We are the experts for data solutions to connect your business to customers that have just taken over a premises. New tenants need services such as Utilities, Payment Technologies and Telecoms. Let us provide data to get you to speak to them first!

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